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Post-Politics in Zimbabwe


The World’s governance based on the politics of the nation-state has proven obsolete. After 37 years of non-stop rule, on 16 November 2017 Zimbabwe’s army ousted its very own President Robert Mugabe. In the aftermath of the coup, I present, to all Zimbabweans, a roadmap towards the successful establishment of a new governance paradigm which I have called post-politics.

Post-politics is an elegant, smooth arrangement, democratic, entertainment-based, that has the ability, unlike any other previous governance paradigm, to catapult society to the best possible future in the shortest time interval. Former lifetime rulers, like Robert Mugabe, if strictly necessary, have also a role to play in post-politics as super starts of a reality television show.

Post-politics embraces radical integration with neighboring countries, the adoption of supranational cost-effective institutions which will deliver basic public goods such as healthcare and education at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the middle man and rewarding directly teachers, nurses and doctors. In post-politics there are no parliamentarians, but members of a High Performance Team, who I personally select and appoint based on merit and credentials. The High Performance Team, or presidential team hereafter, is non-remunerated and only rewarded by followers via “donations” if they were happy and satisfied with the team’s performance. The presidential team has a presidential candidate, usually a former Minister, who embraces the principles of radical supranational integration presented on The Huffington Post in 2014.

The usual issues arising in any political organization are nonexistent in post-politics. Eradicating nepotism and connection to begin with, but also favoritism, clientelism, bribery and kleptocracy are crucial. Post-politics has no ideology, let’s say left-wing or right-wing, it is not nationalistic but supranational, does not seek to destroy the opponent but to design, analytically and constructively the best possible future for Zimbabwe, using the most powerful weapons: creativity and imagination, to entertain and educate first, convince and conquer then, implement finally.

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Post-politics is an offering to society, a society which must be mature enough to embrace it and choose it over other alternatives. Post-politics is demand driven. Usually in politics it is the politician who chases the voter, or the autocrat who imposes his rule, this operating principle suffers from fatigue and an abundance of small political parties with a myriad of names all of which are oftentimes difficult to differentiate from one another. I can guarantee each Zimbabwean that post-politics will design the best possible team for Zimbabwe, because only the best team can design the best possible future. Since there are emerging teams also in Zimbabwe’s neighboring countries, namely Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia, our presidential team in Zimbabwe will be assisted at all times by Experts from neighboring countries who share the same philosophy of radical supranational integration.

When an offering is too good to be true, it becomes demand driven. Let’s say  that post-politics is by far the best governance alternative to politics today. Let’s say in addition that we offer post-politics at no cost whatsoever for the citizen, since our Experts are exclusively rewarded through donations if they perform well. Let’s say in addition that we have a grand plan able to catapult Zimbabwe’s to the best possible future in the shortest time interval. Anything too good to be true is immediately embraced.

When Bill Gates offers the best operating system for a PC at a fraction of the cost, he secures almost overnight a World monopoly, deserved. When Google launches its Search Engine in 1999 it wins customer trust because it is the best, no questions asked. The same happens to any other product or service, and politics is, undoubtedly, an offering to society, albeit a bad and obsolete one, which will disappear as soon as there is a better alternative.

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I have been designing post-politics since 2002. I have a grand plan for Zimbabwe which I published in the form of a 500 page book in 2010. I am the best coach Zimbabwe’s Experts could ever have, and I am ready to step in as soon as Zimbabwe’s society calls us, as you call the police or the firefighters when there is a crime or a fire.

The World’s on fire and there are no good firefighters anymore able to put out the mess. I am offering Zimbabwe today a bargain which is too good to be true, in fact. Top notch Experts from Zimbabwe can now join The Zimbabwe Presidential Team, sending a Resume and Cover Letter to Zimbabwe@presidentialteam.info. I will be personally meeting and interviewing them at Bronte Hote in Harare in a forthcoming visit.

J.P.Monfort has earned graduate degrees in telecommunications engineering (Politécnica de Madrid, Télécom ParisTech and Universität Stuttgart), business administration (Collège des Ingénieurs), financial analysis (Carlos III), financial engineering (California-Berkeley), economic development (The London School of Economics), public administration (Columbia), international law (Georgetown-in progress) Religious Studies (University of Chicago-admitted), public health (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine-admitted) and global diplomacy (SOAS-admitted). He has been a columnist for The Huffington Post and Roubini Global Economics and speaks eight languages. He is the Author of Wiley’s TheMonfortPlan and is currently working on his second book “Fiction States“. He currently lives in the Balkans.

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