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Rigid Zim Music Industry Suppresses Gutu-Bred Gospel Musician For 20 Years

South Africa based gospel musician, Nomore Severa who has been struggling for limelight since he started composing music in the remote Gutu area 20 years ago has bemoaned the difficulties faced by less privileged musicians (monetary-wise) to make it on the national radio.

Having kickstarted composing music in 1999, Severa managed to go professional after moving to South Africa where he was working.

“It was when l came to South Africa in 2013 and acquired myself a job that I could record my first album in 2017 called Ndina Jesu Mumoyo. But then again, it did not perform well due to lack of airplay and sponsorship to maintain a band and go out for shows,” said Severa.

He added that his ultimate goal is to get where the Charambas and trendsetting Minister Mahendere is.


“My dream is to reach where The Charambas have reached, and also where the likes of Minister Mahendere have reached. Collaborations with the industry’s big guns is one of my targets too,” he said.

Severa is working on his second album called Simba Rerumbidzo which is set for release before year-end.

Severa started singing in his Sunday school days inspired by music from the gospel royalty family of  Baba naMai Charamba and then made his first composition in 1999 after finishing his O’levels.

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