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Ronald Nyandoro’s Trial To Resume On May 23

Ronald Nyandoro

Businessman Ronald Nyandoro is due back in court on May 23 for the ongoing trial regarding the alleged theft of a motor vehicle. The next witness, Lance Malloch Brown, is set to take the stand.

In the previous court session, tensions ran high as the complainant, John Landon, abruptly left the courtroom during Kirk Woest’s testimony. This departure came after Woest allegedly exposed Landon’s residence to the police.

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During his testimony, Woest claimed that Landon was using the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to target him for speaking truthfully about their business dealings. He expressed his belief that Landon was retaliating against him for disclosing the details of their transaction.

Woest informed the court that he had already suffered losses, with two cars seized by ZACC due to alleged issues with their documentation. He recounted a conversation with both Nyandoro and Landon, where they had mutually agreed to sell the vehicle in question.

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  • This smells a little this story. So why would such a complainant care a single jot about his same address being revealed to the police if he was already the one that opened a report at a station where his address would be required by the charge office ?. Fishy …

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