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Sing A Lullaby For Your Child Before Entertaining The World: Olinda Tells Tytan

Just a little over a day after stressing that she would never be compelled to say anything bad about her ex-husband Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo, Olinda has made a u-turn and launched a rant once again on social media saying the Bho singer has been awol on his daughter since July.

She made the remarks in a now-deleted heartfelt Instagram post which had a picture of Tytan holding her bump during their happy days.

“My heart breaks for my daughter. It’s true when they say when elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers. My daughter hasn’t seen her father since July. But yet he says she is the reason he is here. As parents, we need to do better for our children.

“The effects of our behaviour as parents might not show now but they will manifest when children get older. What we are currently going through is not something that I would wish for any families. You can gallivant and entertain the world. But if you can’t sing a simple lullaby to your child. Your singing becomes meaningless.

“Excuse my rant but I need to get this off my chest. Fathers do better with your children. Learn to separate your feelings towards the mother from your feelings towards your child. There can never be an excuse why you are not a part of your child’s life. No matter how horrible the mother can be. Being a good father starts with presence not presents. And there is nothing worse than anyone that can be everything to everyone but a father to his own child,” she wrote.

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Before signing out she indicated that as it stands she is playing the mother and father role in their daughter’s life.

“Shout out to the women that have to be both mother and father. And a lot of respect to the men that put their children first.”

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