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Social change maker storms Selous – 5th May, 2023

By Kumbirai Mutengo

33 year old social champion Tyrone Havnar is engaging in his much-anticipated charity event in Selous, 80 kilometers from the capital Harare which is scheduled for  Friday 5 May 2023 and guests from all sections of society are invited to participate in the  fundraiser.

The social change maker Havnar reiterated that he is calling up for interested stakeholders to participate in the fundraising of the Great Africa Exposure Visit to impact child labour, early childhood marriages and experiential learning for marginalized and disabled pupils.

The event scheduled for Friday which is among a number of fundraising activities seek to have children aspiring pilots and careers in aviation to have an appreciation of the profession. This is being spearheaded by Mr Havnar’s organization I Reach Out My Hand Africa and partners in Selous.

Mr Tyrone Havnar has been in community service for 14 years and has participated in high level conferences across Africa and beyond. He recently won his first accolade in social work evidence to his immense contribution to social change.

The young social worker further said that he is creating awareness of issues affecting children in marginalized communities and settling for a trust fund. He is encouraging well-wishers, corporate world, church, and other organizations to contribute atleast $USD1 per person towards rural children welfare and travelling to 7 countries in Africa to create a consortium and raise awareness.

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The fundraising will stretch from 5 May, to early June 2023 and there will be a food stall at Mukuvisi market in Harare on Sunday, 7th of May 2023. On Saturday 19 May (Harare) movie raffle winners will go for a movie screening, 20th  of  May  a dinner will be held and on the 27th of May 2023 respectively, people will join Mr Havnar for a fundraising dinner where games are to  be played and branded prizes to be won.

“You know they say if you don’t ask the answer is always no, “so well I have a big request from all of you my brothers and sisters, become part of these GREAT fundraisers as grassroot supporters ” said Havnar

A ZBC interview will be aired on 5 May 2023 at 1400hrs unpacking the fundraising and the activities of I Reach Out My Hand Africa. The Great African Exposure Visit starts on 1 June to 19 July 2023 and a documentary will also be produced which highlights the work being done by other social change makers across Africa.

Further details to engage during the course of the fundraising contact +263773266050 or email iromh2011@gmail.com

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