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Stanbic Bank’s Donation Pays Off As Number Of Births Shoots Up By 100 % At Sally Mugabe Maternity Hospital

The number of caesarean operations at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital Maternity wing has shot up by 100 percent following the renovation and re-equipping of theatre 1 by financial services institution, Stanbic Bank last month.

Sally Mugabe Maternity Ward Matron Senior Nursing Officer Dade Gertrude Pedzisai said the Maternity ward was now able to complete all its caesarean section elective list as well as attend to all emergency operations from all over Harare thanks to the inspired donation by Stanbic Bank.

Sister Pedzisai said when the ward was operating with only one theatre, the number of births hovered around 30 per week but they had now shot up to over 60 with every case now being attended to whether emergency or pre-booked.

“When we had one theatre operating we had a challenge completing our caesarian section elective list and if there was an emergency referred from anywhere we would attend to it first  and push the elective list to later and this was a drain on our emotions because we would have to postpone procedures that needed to be done. Now with two theatres functional we are working 24/7  and are able to complete our elective lists from morning until around 4 pm then attend to emergencies,” said Sister Pedzisai.

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She said while the numbers of births had shot up, the most significant aspect of having two functional theatres was that all caesarean operations where now being attended without having to turn down others or even cancelling them due to having one theatre.

Sister Pedzisai said Antenatal Care (ANC) consultation clinics are now being held daily due to the fact that two theatres are operating with all five doctors now coming from Monday to Friday as per their schedule unlike previously when two or less consultations were held per week.

“The re-quipping of theatre one by Stanbic Bank has definitely led to a big reduction in the loss of life and the number of patients is also growing and we get satisfaction in providing care for women in Harare with high-risk pregnancies with the help of the best surgical facilities we can for the women who require our care. This donation has helped improve the patient pathway and experience,” she said.

Stanbic Bank Head of Brand and Marketing Palmer Mugavha said it was pleasing to hear that the institution had made a significant contribution that helped bring and preserve life.

Mugavha said when Stanbic Bank crafted USIZO-RUYAMURO, it sought to achieve sustainable and tangible results as were being experienced at the maternity ward in mind.

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“Stanbic Bank now looks at the sustainability and lasting power if its contribution in the community and USIZO-RUYMUO in particular was structured such that it plays a pivotal role in addressing key health challenges faced by the nation and the increase in the number of deliveries gives us satisfaction. The fact that all caesarean procedures are now being undertaken vindicates our decision and we are glad to have played such as significant part in this,” said Mugavha.

In April this year, Stanbic Bank handed over a refurbished and newly equipped maternity operating theatre to the referral Hospital under its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) flagship health initiative called USIZO-RUYAMURO.

The hospital had been operating with one theatre for a few years and Stanbic bank responded to the call to resuscitate the other theatre by purchasing USD 37 000 worth of operating equipment in addition to pouring ZW$ 2 million towards refurbishing the recovery, scrub, sluce and sister in-charge rooms.

USIZO-RUYAMURO was launched in 2019 during the reopening of the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe halfway house located at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, which the financial services institution also refurbished, having been derelict for years.

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