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Steward Bank upgrades banking App as bank

STEWARD Bank has upgraded its mobile banking application ‘Square 2.1’ as the bank moves to further improve its customer experience and enhance the App’s security features.

The application, which allows Steward Bank customers to conduct transactions from their mobile devices, now has an all-new look and feel, along with a streamlined navigation menu meant to inspire increased engagement.

Steward Bank CEO Mr Courage Mashavave said the upgraded application is testament to the financial institution’s continued focus on harnessing cutting-edge technologies to improve customer service.

“We have been intentional about improving customer experience by harnessing digital technology. This App was in the works since last year. The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to strengthen our resolve to make banking as easily accessible as possible without physically visiting a bank branch,” Mr Mashavave said.

“As we work on upgrading our Core Banking System (CBS), we saw it fit to overhaul our digital platforms to reflect the new technologies that the new system will afford us. Our clients can now control and access their accounts and banking services from wherever they are – any time,” he added.

Steward Bank first introduced the Square App in 2018. However, as customer needs evolved, the bank saw the need to revamp the App and add new features, that use the latest technology.

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Mr Mashavave said one of the key improvements on the app is a feature that eliminates the use of a debit card number on registration.

“With the world largely in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found it prudent to introduce a simple process that promotes social distancing by allowing customers to do seamless transactions in the comfort of their homes, thus reducing the risk of contracting the deadly disease,” Mr Mashavave said.


Stressing how the bank had now simplified customer fulfilment processes, the Stewards Bank CEO said opening a new account now simply required one to dial *236# and immediately use their account number to register onto the Square 2.1, without having to wait to get a ZimSwitch card.

On the other hand, customers who were already using the old Square App are automatically upgraded onto the new one, and only need to verify their credentials once they have downloaded the App.

“We have also incorporated another customer-centric feature on the App, called the Queries Portal. This feature allows customers to raise queries related to their accounts directly from the App, without the need to call the contact centre or visit a branch for assistance,” Mr Mashavave added.

The Bank has added a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) list on the App to help customers navigate the new app. For ease of use, the Bank has also availed a user manual, that takes clients through all the use cases, from registration to transacting.

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With cases of card cloning and fraud on the rise, Steward Bank has installed an added layer of security on the App, that will see customers setting up their own security questions to facilitate a password reset. The feature will save customers a lot of time and resources as previously passwords could only be reset by visiting a branch.

The new Square App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore for download and successful registration to all Steward Bank customers.

Mr Mashavave said the Square 2.1 App was the first of several new products that Steward Bank will be rolling out in the coming few weeks.

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