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Time for all political parties to unite and force Zanu PF out

The worsening political, social and economic situation that the people of Zimbabwe are going through is unprecedented and totally unacceptable.

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), we reiterate that the only solution to this unprecedented suffering we are going through is for Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF government to resign immediately as it has no capacity to bring any positive change to the long suffering of the people.

The economic quagmire has been exacerbated by the cash shortages that have seen banks reducing daily cash withdrawals from $1 000 to sometimes as little as $20 bringing back memories of the imminent return of the 2007/08 era.

Thousands of workers and pensioners are now sleeping outside banks in biting winter nights as they fail to withdraw their meagre earnings.

Even daily withdrawals for large companies have been reduced to as little as $1 000.

The net effect of this is that most companies are scaling down on production and reducing their workforce forcing thousands more people on to the streets.

As PDP we are however seriously concerned that while Zimbabwe is burning, the government of the day is concentrating on trivial issues, holding useless praise worshipping rallies and President Robert Mugabe making endless flights out of the country to attend meaningless conferences, which cost $5 million per trip.

For the past three years, Zanu PF has been on auto-pilot as it concentrates on who will take over from its 92 year-old leader.

The deteriorating social and economic crisis in the country calls for all opposition political parties across the board to form a unity of purpose and unite on these and other issues in order to bring to an end the Zanu PF regime.

It is now very clear that the current situation needs a political solution and therefore there is need for all political parties to unite as one in order to tackle Zanu PF head-on.

The PDP also urges the church, civic society, trade unions and students to join hands as we fight to end Zanu PF’s abuse of the country.

It is now the only time to reclaim our independence and true sovereignty, which Zanu PF has denied us as it continues to trample upon our rights.

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