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Transform Zimbabwe Threatens To Pull Out Of MDC Alliance

Transform Zimbabwe has threatened to pull out of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance saying they are being marginalised in the allocation of urban parliamentary and council seats among other reasons.

Addressing the press in the capital on Tuesday following their recently held congress, the party President Jacob Ngarivhume said the alliance institutionalisation process has not progressed as agreed.

“Transform Zimbabwe congress acknowledged the compromises made by the party in accepting a 19 seat allocation in the MDC Alliance.

“Among the concerns raised was the general disregard for the letter and spirit of the Alliance agreement by MDC-T through appointing candidates in constituencies earmarked for Alliance partners.

“The Alliance institutionalisation process has not progressed as agreed and there was a general sentiment that the Alliance was now heavily reliant on MDC T party infrastructure,” said Ngarivhume.

“Congress delegates felt aggrieved at the marginalisation of the party in the allocation of urban parliamentary seats,” added Ngarivhume.

He further noted that his party has the capacity to go it alone in the harmonised elections should the situation obtaining perpetuates, in what could be construed as a threat to disengage from the MDC-T dominated coalition.

“Transform Zimbabwe affirms its commitment to the ideals of the Alliance and wishes to enter the 2018 election as part of the Alliance; however that should not be mistaken for a lack of capacity to go it alone in the undesirable situation where the Alliance fails to hold one reason or another.

“Congress mandated President Ngarivhume to table some request to the MDC Alliance Principal Forum calling for an urgent conclusion to all outstanding matters.

“MDC T must nullify all the primary election results for the constituencies allocated to Transform Zimbabwe and make an unequivocal undertaking that there will be no MDC-T candidates contesting in seats allocated to Alliance partners,” said Ngarivhume.

TZ is part of six other political parties that make up the MDC- Alliance together with MDC-T, MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube, Zanu Ndonga and ZPF led by Retired Brigadier General Agrippa Mutambara among others.

The alliance was put in place to mount a strong challenge against the ruling Zanu PF in the 2018 Harmonised elections expected in July or August.


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