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Unplugged Stays Loyal to Pricing

While most show promoters are caught between a rock and hard place with regards to hiking gate fees and sacrifice turnout numbers or stay on normal pricing and make very little, organizers of monthly music festival Unplugged have remained loyal to their usual charges, despite the biting economy.

This month’s edition slated for Saturday 27 October at Greendale Sports Club will be headlined by rising Dancehall star Nutty O anchored by Djembe Monks, Norman Masamba and Masa Caroleen.

Speaking to 263Chat, Unplugged co-founder Chiedza Danha said they have stuck to their pricing because cost of organizing the event increased marginally, hence, little need to cascade the cost down to show attenders.

“We are sticking to our price because our costs have increased only marginally and we don’t see the need to pass this on to the consumer.

“Having said that, we understand that costs for our fellow show promoters particularly the ones who bring in international artists have gone up,” said Danha.

Gate charges have remained on $10 and five dollars for kids between three and 12 years old.

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