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UZ Models Disappoint Judges

Adjudicators for the Miss UZ 2018 were on Saturday left disappointed on the lack of confidence exhibited by models who failed to answer simple questions while some kept falling when they were walking down the romp in a new low for the university’s coveted pageant, 263Chat can reveal.

Socialite and businesswoman, Jackie Ngarande who was the chief adjudicator did not have kind words for the models whom she said cannot be crowned without brains, suggesting that they invest in reading current affairs on top of grooming on how to talk.

“We cannot crown a Beauty Queen without brains, we expect them to be intellectuals. The models could not answer questions, they went round and round to answer a single question, it was disappointing,

“They must invest in reading current affairs, have a modelling boot camp were they can be groomed on how to talk, walk and be confident. The models knew the answers but could not speak boldly, they are intelligent but not confident, models are conquerors,” said Ngarande in an interview with 263Chat.

The question and answer session was repeated three times as the judges were not satisfied with their responses which were ridiculous and a clear show of their detachment from current affairs.

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Ngarande acknowledged the fashion sense the students displayed at the event adding that Zimbabwe will soon be like Nigeria.

“The organizing team should work on the selection of artists, I don’t know Silent Killer and I don’t listen him, he disrupted everything, he refused to leave the stage so we could crown the models, DJ had to switch off the music and mics, he might as well do he’s own show if he wants to promote his music than take advantage of events like Miss UZ,

“Sani Makhalima and Ammara Brown performed well and within their time limits, Zim Dancehall artists are barbaric with the chanting, throwing of cans and smoking weed, Silent Killer even wanted to fight the organizers and DJ which is uncalled for,

“However the event well, all the students looked beautiful, Zimbabweans are good and can now bath. They wore nice dresses, heels, well shaven, we are almost getting there as a country, soon we will be like Nigeria,” she added.

Miss Zimbabwe USA, Thelma Manyika concurred with Ngarande on the unpreparedness of the models saying they did not meet their expectations and they should consider doing interview coaching.

“The event went well but the models did not meet our expectations, I feel like most of the contestants were not ready for the questions that come with standing in front of people, though they tried,

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“We were not happy as judges but put into consideration that they might have had stage fright with everything that was going on, in future they should go through interview coaching, training on how to answer questions even from previous pageants and what to expect,” said Manyika.

Below are the winners:

Miss UZ- Zandile Sithole

First Princess- Tanyaradzwa  Kondo

Second Princess- Nyasha Katazo

Miss Personality- Zandile Sithole

Miss Talent- Charmaine Makondo


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