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Be Careful Of What You Do With Your Phone Camera: Stunner Tells Dj Towers

Popular rapper, Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has weighed in on the highly publicised fallout between socialites Dj Towers and Mr Stylz.
Speaking in a recent post on social media, Stunner hammered to Towers the importance of making friends and not enemies while reproving the hype-man from reckless talk on camera.

“Just like husband and wife vanotemana nemapoto (which is not good) but still find themselves in the same bed, friends are sometimes not going to agree on certain issues but tomorrow is another day. Dj Towers, 6 or 7 years ago when I didn’t know you and you would say all sort of bad things about me, I still respected your hustle and showed you how u could make some money off it and I proved it was always WISE TO MAKE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES,” wrote Stunner.

He added, “whatever you two disagreed on, I don’t think it’s bigger than life. I’m sorry for whatever happened, it’s lockdown I could have sat the both of you down somewhere pane sadza nema tumbu and susu and a beer. If u say you only talk with Teemak yet the gateway to him is Stylz and you are sort of the marketing guy in your gang gang , how will this work my young brother? I love people that respect and love life together.

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“BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU DO WHEN THAT PHONE CAMERA COME ON GUYS . Social media is very toxic. I love you both and you need each other seeing how you met Stylz through me and the ripple effect got u to Teemak. That’s how friendship works,” he said.



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