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Woman Tears Maid’s Panties to Frame Hubby 


GWERU- A 37 year old Gweru woman has been slapped with a six months jail term for attempting to frame her husband of rape as revenge after discovering that he was having an affair with their 17 year old maid.

By Delicious Mathuthu

Lilian Musiiwa Bhuseta (37) is said to have hatched a plan to punish her husband, Meluki Ndlangamandla, by framing and reporting him to the police for raping their maid, 17 year old Sazini Sidhina, after discovering that the two had been having an affair.

It is the states case that Bhuseta and Sidhina connived and went to make a false police report alleging rape charges against Ndlangamandla.

The false report is said to have been prompted by an argument which ensued between Bhuseta and Ndlangamandla and later Bhuseta is said to have taken one of Sidhina`s panties and tore them to exhibit as evidence of the false rape at the police station.

However, the plan flopped for Bhuseta as the 17 year old Sidhina could not live with the burden of framing her lover, cum boss and is said to have gone back to the police station the next day and revealed that she had been forced by Bhuseta to help her make the false report to punish Ndlangamandla for cheating.

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The police asked Sidhina to fill-in and signed an affidavit in which she outlined the whole sinister motive.

Presiding was Midlands Provincial Magistrate Mrs Phathekile Msipa with the accused two being charged with deliberately supplying false information to a Public Authority.

Sidhina was handed a suspended 4 months sentence provided she performs 140 hours community service at Chikumbiro Primary School in Mkoba while Bhuseta was slapped with a 6 months jail term with 2 months suspended on condition that she will not commit a similar offence in the next 5 years.

Prosecuting was Andrew Marimo.


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