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Zaka Family Attacked By Hyenas

Munashe Chokodza

Three family members (a couple and their son) were mauled by a pack of Hyenas in Zaka, Bota communal lands on Monday while trying to protect their livestocks from the marauding predators.

In a Twitter post, Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said the family Robert Maroyi, his wife Munyara and their son Rwatinga are in hospital receiving treatment.

“Unfortunately, 3 family members from Zaka were attacked & seriously injured by a pack of hyenas.

“The trio was attacked while protecting their livestock from predators.

“Zimparks has deployed a reaction team to hunt down the marauding hyenas” said Farawo.

Cases of human wildlife conflict are on the rise as we are entering into the dry season, people and animals will be battling for food.

A few months ago, a toddler was also mauled by hyenas during a church service in Mutoko.

In the seven months of 2022, more than 40 people have lost their lives to human wildlife conflict.

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