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Zanu PF Is Not The Future: Mahere

Renowned constitutional lawyer Fadzayi Mahere has dismissed Zanu PF as a vision-less and tired party with no clue on how to bail out the country from the current economic and political crisis.

Mahere’s remarks comes on the back of worsening economic conditions fuelled by foreign currency shortage and government insistence that a local surrogate currency the bond note is at par with the United States dollars.

Writing on Twitter yesterday, Mahere said the ruling party lacks ideas to move the country forward and remains stuck in corruption culture saying this has ballooned the country’s domestic and foreign debt.

“The reality unfortunately is that Zanu PF is not the future of Zimbabwe. Bereft of ideas, lacking in competence and innovation and stuck in a time warp, they do not have the energy, willpower or vision to drive Zimbabwe into the future and actualize our full potential.


“There’s a generation of aged, recycled political elites in Zimbabwe who plunder the country’s resources, act corruptly and saddle us with huge national debt cause they won’t be there when the next generation has to fix the mess. The same group seeks to exclude the young from leadership,” she wrote.

Since taking over power from former President Mr Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa has pledged to tackle corruption but has largely failed as only a handful have been arrested.

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“Why must a country with gold, diamonds, lithium and platinum land force its people to “take the pain”? While the people are taking the pain, who is taking the wealth?,” questioned Mahere.

She expressed dismay over the government’s dishonest and policy inconsistency suggesting this has contributed to economic mess the country is crawling in today.

“Before elections: we have billions in mega-deals and investor commitments. After elections: this governmnet is dead broke, in fact drowning in debt, so you must take the pain. We deserve a refund for all those foreign trips they took which yielded nothing.”

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