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Zanu PF Warns Members Against Violence

The ruling Zanu PF party has warned party members against resorting to violence as noted in some areas during last week ‘s primary elections.

Zanu PF primary election results were contested in several areas with some candidates accusing others of intimidation and vote rigging which led to incidents of violence.

Speaking at the party headquarters in Harare last night after a Politburo meeting, party national spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa cautioned members against engaging in violent behavior and threatened to expel those who do so.

“If there were instances of violence in any particular constituency or ward, the President took a very strong hard line. He is on record saying no to violence and he was very clear that charity begins at home. And if there were instances of violence, which were carried out by either of the candidates or both candidates in a particular constituency, one stood to be disqualified if the information was available, and if the violence was mutual then there will be re-runs or they will be disqualifications,” said Mutsvangwa

He said the party took the primary elections seriously and has the impression of bringing people together.

“We feel that the primary elections should satisfy the issue of discipline, the issue of inclusiveness, the issue of comradeship. We want to become one family. This is an important exercise and we take it very seriously,” he said.

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The primary elections, which were held last weekend, have been marred by allegations of vote buying, violence and intimidation.

 The party has since warned that any members found to be responsible for such acts would face immediate expulsion from the party.

As the country prepares for national elections later this year, parties are under increasing pressure to uphold the rule of law and to ensure that their members behave in a responsible and respectful manner.

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