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Zanu PF’s Mugwadi Apologises Over Al Jazeera Boob

Firebrand ruling Zanu PF Director of Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi has issued an apology for uttering the ‘F-word’ during a live interview on International broadcaster, Al Jazeera.

In a statement, Mugwadi said he owed an unreserved apology to Zimbabweans, the world and in particular Al Jazeera anchor, Femi Oke and the Zanu PF leadership.

“I hope this letter find you well. On 18 of August, 2020, I was part of the panel of discussants on Al Jazeera about our beautiful Nation, Zimbabwe involving myself and two MDC alliance representatives. Following the conclusion of the heated discussion which featured falsehoods, punctuated by biased video interludes which appeared to be aimed at sustaining a false narrative that there is a crisis of human rights in Zimbabwe, I lost my tamper in which I ended up using uncouth language.

“Although that was never meant for the interview as I felt the interview ended, I strongly feel I owe Al Jazeera, the world, Zimbabweans and in particular the Anchor Femi Oke an unreserved apology. I further apologise to the leadership of the party who certainly were embarrassed by those words,” said Mugwadi


However, Mugwadi maintains that there is a spirited agenda by some sections of the media to portray that the country was in a crisis.

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“Following spirited attempts by various Global Media to drive a false agenda against Zimbabwe, Government, Leadership and our people in general, I must express my gratitude and that of the party to Al Jazeera for their decision to reach to us to get a candid understanding of the reality of what is obtaining in Zimbabwe, contrary to social media falsehoods mirrored by recycled videos of the past while some videos are imported from other jurisdictions.

“There is no crisis in Zimbabwe but there is a leadership crisis in opposition groups and that does not translate into a national crisis.” he said

Appearing on a live programme with Al Jazeera debating on whether Zimbabweans were being silenced, Mugwadi cynically burst into laughter before saying “This is rubbish. F**K you.

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