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Zim, A Stadium For Looting Olympics: Lumumba


Controversial whistle-blower and former Zanu PF politician, Acie Lumumba has lashed out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration for not being productive and housing looters in the process hurting ordinary citizens.

Lumumba challenged Mnangagwa to emulate his predecessor President Robert Mugabe who left most of Zimbabweans productive.

“Zimbabweans are the most productive human beings on earth but your government is not productive

“But it’s a stadium for the looting Olympics, chasing looters one after another and in more cases its hating the ordinary Zimbabweans than its actually helping them.

“Robert Mugabe’s leadership wasn’t perfect in fact l think he created a big mess but he left you the most productive human beings on the planet,” said Lumumba through his YouTube programme dubbed Lumumba Files.

“Command Mr President command there is nothing wrong with this country that we cannot fix, everybody wants to play a part.You asked for the job and you got it, command agriculture is exemplary, command housing is curious but your legacy will be defined by your ability to command your people.

“You have your job, your excellency make Zimbabweans productive is the only reasonable path way to prosperity  and is the only reasonable chance we have  to get out of this mess,” added Lumumba.

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He called on Mnangagwa to command his cabinet ministers to deliver in order for the country to develop singling out   mines, sports and agriculture ministries as key government departments that should be at the forefront of building the country.

“Every employer around the world loves a Zimbabwean employee, l think you should command Winston Chitando to organize every young person who wants to be involved in mining such that we can produce more gold, more diamond, more gas and chrome.

“Command Kirsty Coventry to organize all young people according to skill sets and capability or capacity.Deploy them in all direction of the country so that they work as their condition of compulsory youth service.

“Command Perrence Shiri to square out each inch of the of the country and account for its productivity.Your Minister of labor should be account for every human being within this country and their level of productivity,” he said.

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