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Zim Mental Health Advocate Lands Top Regional Post

Founder and director of Zimbabwe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Zimbabwe OCD Trust), Angelica Mkorongo has been appointed to the board of the Pan African Network of Persons with Psychosocial Disabilities (PANPPD).

PANPPD is a continental mental health advocacy body that aims to increase continental solidarity amongst organizations that promote and protect the rights of people with psycho-social disabilities.

Speaking after the appointment, Mkorongo said it was an honor and privilege to be part of the advocacy body.

“I am honored with this appointment, It is an opportunity to work with fellow activists on the continent to bring to the fore, challenges that people with psychosocial disabilities face everyday, we are indeed behind as a continent, we therefore need to speak with one voice and we will surely be heard.

“As a person with lived experience, the appointment is encouraging as there should be nothing for us without us, It is quite unfortunate that mental health is a problem that is usually swept under the carpet, as it is an invisible disability, however, the consequences are increasingly becoming visible everyday,” she said.

She added that, It is of utmost importance that people living with psychosocial disabilities come out in the open so as to fight stigma and discrimination and encourage those suffering to seek help.

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The appointment comes after great strides undertaken by Mkorongo at the helm of Zimbabwe OCD Trust through her advocacy work that is hinged on championing the rights of people living with psychosocial disabilities and tackling stigma and discrimination against the same.

Since its inception in 2001, PANPPD has remained consistent to its nature of a continental organization representing the legitimate voices of people living with psychosocial disabilities in Africa.

PANPPD has managed to ensure that member organizations work towards improving the quality of life of people with psychosocial disabilities in Africa so that they may reclaim their dignity and achieve equal rights and access other opportunities.

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