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ZimFirst Party Promises Better Days Ahead

Zimbabwe People First Party (ZimFirst) says it has the potential to attract the much needed foreign direct investment and unlock development as the country continues to stutter in murky economic waters.

Addressing journalists in Harare, a ZimFirst representative who spoke on behalf of Dr Maxwell Shumba accused both the MDC and ZANU-PF of contributed immensely to the economic decay of the country.

The United States-based businessman said he has already rolled out a roadmap which will see the party roping in international investors and have running programs in communities.

“”We have taken it upon ourselves to take decisive action to undo the damage caused to our economy buy the current system, that has proven to be clueless and anti-people.

“We have started putting together business initiatives with the international community that will help create employment. We are aggressively working to ensure that we provide the desperately needed economic relief now and we will not wait until 2023,” said Shumba.

Zimbabwe has an estimated 95% unemployment rate with the majority being the youths.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration has largely been blamed for running down the economy and failing to attract investment, which he had promised during the campaign period.

Shumba said his party will take the country to a level of the first world economy.

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“Business will increase and create opportunities for employment through our global campaign initiatives for Zimbabwe that will see business partnering with the people to provide economic prosperity to all citizens of our country,” he said.

Shumba said under his leadership, civil servants, the armed forces will be a key stakeholder in the country’s development and promising to prioritize their welfare.

He promised an industrial boom and mining will be the backbone of the economy while also promising a revamp in the health sector.

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