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#263Tech: ZOL Delivers High Speed Fiber Internet in Warren Park

Zimbabwe’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP), ZOL Zimbabwe has finally delivered on its promise to put Warren Park residents and other high density suburbs on its robust fiber optic network. ZOL, which is  a retail division of Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe commands the largest market share in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Internet connections having captured all the low density suburbs in the past eight years.

Local residents in Warren Park are delighted to have finally have always on and reliable Internet connections right at their doorsteps as the digital revolution continue to push Internet access into a daily need as we go by.

ZOL’s move to capture the  “ghetto” is a historic moment on its own since other long term established telecom operators have never bothered to take their services to these high density suburbs on the perception that low income earners cannot afford to pay Internet subscriptions. However, ZOL’s venture into the ghettos is commendable move especially when Zimbabwe though its industrial regulator POTRAZ are chasing the millennium goal of total Internet connectivity by 2020.

ZOL likens its super fast fibre speeds to the world’s fastest mammal, the Cheetah and the animal appears in the ISP’s captivating adverts of a “Cheetah in a Ferrari”

The self styled  Internet Service Provider whiich associates itself with the cheetah animal as it likens its fast fiber Internet speeds to the world’s fastest mammal recently leaked a video of a cheetah being spotted in Warren Park to signal its arrival in the area.

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A little bit different to the usual ZOL Fibroniks packages, the Warren Park packages have been modified to include Pay as You Go packages called ZOOM packages, which start from as little as $5, ensuring that Internet is within everyone’s reach.

The Pay as You Go packages are shown below:

ZOOM $5 — 2GB + 1GB FREE* (valid for 7 days)

ZOOM $10 — 5GB + 2GB FREE* (valid for 14 Days)

ZOOM $19 — 10GB + 3GB FREE* (valid for 21 Days); and

ZOOM $29 — 25GB + 5GB FREE* (valid for 30 Days)

Remember the Cheetah that was Spotted in Warren Park, It was Actually a ZOL Cheetah

All these packages are a launch special and expires after 30 days. To sweeten the deal, ZOL is offering FREE DATA to users signing up in what is probably the sweetest Internet and data deal in town.

To get the service one simply visits and signs up at the ZOL container located at Warren Park 1 shops inside the Total Service Station. ZOL Zimbabwe will provide free fibre installation and Physical works.

If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact ZOL Sales team at sales@teamzol.co.zw, 08677111111 or visit the ZOL website www.zol.cozw

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