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Advocacy Group Calls For Women Empowerment In Extractive Sector

A local research and natural resource advocacy organisation, Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG) has implored stakeholders to channel more support to women affected by the extractive industries.

In a message to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD) which was commemorated yesterday under the theme #DigitAll: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, CNRG called for financial and technical support for the improvement of women’s participation in digital technology.

“CNRG calls for more support towards women affected by extractive industries to ensure resilient livelihoods, a supportive and enabling environment for the girl child and justice and dignity for all women. We call upon the government, policymakers, and donors to provide financial and technical support to ensure women’s participation in digital technology is improved.

“Improve the use of digital technology and innovation to investigate, document and report all forms of discrimination and violence against women in the extractive sector and society as a whole. Ensure progressive taxation and spending to guarantee the provision of gender-responsive technology for the protection of women and girls in communities affected by extractive industries. Ensure mining companies create gender policies providing clear and overarching commitments to gender equality, respecting women’s rights to minimising the negative impacts of extractive projects on women and girls,” said CNRG.

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The advocacy group called for the formulation of policies that promote women’s participation at all levels of society.

“Impose mandatory requirements for companies to conduct gender impact assessments to prevent disproportionate negative impacts of extractive projects on women and girls. Formulate policies that promote women’s participation at local, provincial, and national levels especially in the mining and Extractive Sector. Commit to funding feminist economic alternatives that promote a green and just economy,” added CNRG

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