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Alleged Land Fraud Scheme Uncovered: Four Arrested

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has apprehended four individuals on charges of fraud, shaking the foundations of the ARDA Joint Venture Programme.

Among the accused are Ebba Kuipa, Simon Nyathi, and Lyton Ngunga, who allegedly conspired with Agritex Supervisor Admire Makumbi to deceive the Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) about their land ownership.

Investigations revealed that the accused falsely claimed ownership of substantial tracts of arable land—200 hectares by Kuipa, 100 hectares each by Nyathi and Ngunga—to secure farming inputs meant for legitimate agricultural development.

The scheme led to the illicit acquisition and subsequent sale of seeds, Compound D, and AN fertilizers, among other resources, intended to enhance agricultural productivity. The fallout from this scandal has prompted a reevaluation of the vetting processes within ARDA’s programmes.

In a dramatic twist, Ebba Kuipa now faces additional charges of bribery. It is alleged that she offered a $2,000 bribe to ZACC investigators to secure Nyathi’s release.

The accused are scheduled to appear in court later this week, where the full extent of their alleged crimes will be scrutinized. The case has ignited a public outcry for transparency and accountability, with citizens and officials alike condemning the breach of trust.

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