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Armed Robber Nengomasha Sentenced To 10 Years In Jail

Harare Magistrate Clever Tsikwa has sentenced two notorious robbers Clever Nengomasha and Joseph Phiri to an effective eight years in jail.

Nengomasha and Phiri were found guilty of armed robbery and sentenced to 10 years in prison with two years suspended on condition of good behavior.

In his ruling, Magistrate Tsikwa expressed concern over the increasing number of armed robbery cases and described such acts as selfish.

The two robbers had attempted to implicate journalist Xolisani Ncube in their criminal activities.

However, Ncube and another individual named Madumani Mandoro were acquitted, as the court found no evidence linking them to the robbery.

According to the state, the convicted robbers had planned the robbery on February 2, 2022. Armed with an unidentified pistol and wearing balaclavas, they entered the residence of the complainant, Andre Neethle and confronted him at gunpoint.

They forced him into his bedroom, where they also brought the complainant’s maid, Lorraine Makwaravha before tying them up with skipping ropes and covered with blankets.

The robbers stole US$50 in cash from Neethle’s pockets and learned of an additional US$3 000 hidden in his Nissan Hardbody vehicle, parked outside.

They demanded the keys to a safe, which Neethle claimed not to know about.

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In response, the robbers broke the locks on a built-in cupboard and threatened to burn the maid with an iron. Fearing for her safety, she handed over the safe keys.

Inside the safe, the robbers found and stole several firearms, including a 22 Brno rifle (serial number 44642), a 22 Brno Hornet rifle (serial number 03123), and a 357 Ubreti-Gadrone (serial number 265121).

They also took firearms certificates, ammunition, a smartwatch, and a Samsung S20 phone with an Econet line (0772 203 059).

In an attempt to steal Neethle’s vehicle, the robbers started it but triggered its anti-hijack system, causing it to stop after moving a short distance.

The vehicle’s hidden dashboard camera captured footage of the duo.

Magistrate Tsikwa advised the convicted robbers to consider appealing their sentencing or conviction at the High Court if they believed it to be too harsh.

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