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CEO Africa Roundtable Botswana Chapter launched

CEO Africa Roundtable Botswana

In a grand unveiling of shared aspirations and strategic alliances, the CEO Africa Roundtable Botswana Chapter was officially inaugurated in Gaborone this week.

The event was themed, “Championing Economic Development across Africa through Smart Partnerships,” setting a dynamic stage for top-tier executives from both governmental and private sectors to converge.

The CEO Africa Roundtable Botswana Chapter is a prestigious forum, attracting a league of corporate leaders and top-tier officials to engage in the cross-pollination of vital economic insights and business acumen across the African landscape.

Typhinah Dongwana-Kenalemang, the Interim Chairperson, articulated the Chapter’s pivotal role in fostering dialogue and strategizing for the continent’s economic evolution.

“This platform is where business leaders and government officials come together to exchange ideas and insights as well as build strategies that reflect on the development of the economy and investment opportunities across Africa.”

Emphasizing the Chapter’s core mission, Chairman Oswell Binha underscored a dedication to fostering inclusive and sustainable growth pan-Africa. His vision painted a picture of boundless opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and prosperity within Africa’s diverse economic tapestry. Despite Africa’s vast potential, current economic indicators underscore a pressing need for increased intra-regional trade and technological empowerment to unlock latent opportunities.

Binha’s address homed in on Botswana’s economic prospects, commending its stable political landscape and rich resource endowment. The launch, therefore, serves as a testament to the nation’s promise and the Roundtable’s commitment to nurturing its path to sustainable development.

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“This will culminate unpreceded opportunities for growth, collaboration and innovation across the African landscape. Africa, with its rich natural heritage, diverse economies and a youthful yet dynamic population, is a continent brimming with immense potential. With an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of slightly above 3 trillion US Dollars, Africa contributes less than 3% to the global GDP,” he said.

Binha said Botswana’s trajectory towards becoming a competitive and prosperous nation is evident, linked to its stable political environment, favourable investment climate and abundant natural resources.

“This launch is a testament to our belief in the immense potential that the nation holds and our commitment to supporting its journey towards sustainable growth,” he added.

CEO Kipson Gundani steered attention towards the Roundtable’s collaborative essence, heralding a platform that is agnostic of sectoral boundaries and fosters equal opportunity for all members. With a track record of expansion across Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Zambia and forthcoming ventures into the DRC, the RoundTable stands as a beacon for collective progress and economic upliftment in Africa.

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“CEO Africa Roundtable was instituted in 2018 in Zimbabwe with over seven hundred (700) members. We launched it in Malawi in 2022, while in Zambia, it was kickstarted in 2023. We are currently expanding currently expanding to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).”

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Strategic roundtables, a cornerstone of the Roundtable’s modus operandi, provide a focused arena for achieving targeted objectives worldwide. Graced with strategic alliances, including Memorandums of Understanding with prominent bodies like the Corporate Council of Africa and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the Roundtable stands as a global nexus of economic empowerment and interconnectivity.

“The Roundtable is about connecting people around the globe. Our dream is to grow over two-thousand (2000) CEOs across. It’s a project-tied program where people could come fish from their colleagues.”

Furthermore, Gundani noted that the platform has made some strategic partnerships with the Corporate Council of Africa, the Atlanta Business Chamber, the Chicago Black Business Council, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the Netherlands African Business Council.

Gundani beckoned forth a global cohort of over two thousand CEOs to unite under the RoundTable’s banner, casting a vision of a thriving Africa shaped by collaborative endeavours and shared prosperity. The RoundTable’s strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations like the Chicago Black Business Council and the Netherlands African Business Council reinforce its status as a catalyst for economic transformation across borders.

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