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Khupe’s MDC Destroying Tsvangirai’s Legacy- Chamisa

MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has taken a dig at rival MDC-T leader,  Thokozani Khupe for allegedly manipulating the late party founder, Morgan Tsvangirai ’s legacy to legitimize her selfish agenda.

Speaking during the inaugural online rally held yesterday, Chamisa defended the Alliance saying it was the brainchild of the late founder of the MDC party, who called on party deserters like Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube who had formed their own parties to unite forces.

“It is a party that was left by Tsvangirai himself. He reached out to Biti and Ncube to have a united MDC of 2000. So do not come as if you want to rebuild the Tsvangirai legacy yet you want to destroy it. You want to drag us back. Tsvangirai was an organised man he gave the baton to the incumbent and we are firm. You may try to dislodge us but you will not succeed. We do not want to visit Buhera to ask for assistance in our court issues,” said Chamisa.

The youthful leader went at lengths to distinguish his MDC-Alliance party from the MDC-T, saying not even the Sangomas nor the Courts would merge the two.


This was in direct reference to the March Supreme Court ruling that dictated the Alliance to revert to the MDC-T structures of 2014, with Khupe at the helm.

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“There have been fallacies, distortions and falsehoods being propagated in the country about the Alliance. MDC Alliance is a separate party that is different from the MDC-T. You may approach the courts visit sangomas and faith healers, visit the dead trying to revive Tsvangirai’s spirit that will not change anything,” said Chamisa.

In May, Khupe and allies, Mwonzora, Elias Mudzuri and Morgen Komichi took the long trip to Tsvangirai’s Humanikwa village in what MDC-T Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora said was visit to give some items towards the welfare of Gogo Tsvangirai and also to formally apologize to the Tsvangirai family about the ill treatment that she suffered at the hands of some youths including the vanguard during Tsvangirai’s funeral.

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