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Chamuka Launches 2023 Presidential Bid

Businessman and leader of the People’s Unity Party (PUP) will next month launch his 2023 election campaign bid following his endorsement from within his party to be the presidential candidate.

Chamuka emerged unopposed in all provinces during his party’s nomination process. He has been the acting president since the party’s formation early this year.

The South African-based businessman promised his supporters an improved life once elected into power.

“PUP is looking forward to launching on the 27th of August in Makoni South, the rural areas. That is the first party to launch in the rural areas because that is where Zanu PF wins and I’m dedicated to pleasing the people’s needs, giving food to people, and giving help to different people so that all things move forward. so I’m thankful for all the support that made me win,” Chamuka said.

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