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Chitungwiza Teen Dancer Dreams Big

Coming from a society where there are high levels of teen pregnancies and child-headed families Seventeen (17) year old Ashley Mupondiwa has defied the odds with her charming dancing moves.

Ashley started dancing at age of 6 in the neighborhood areas of Chitungwiza Unit L area where she saw the creation of Team Expendables Dance Group which was created approximately 2 hundred meters from her house.

Mupondiwa’s passion pushed her to join the male-dominated group Team Expandables which has 20 dancers.

In am interview with this publication Ashley said her dream is to buy a car through dancing.

“My biggest dream is to buy a car and live a better life from dancing and I think I have made a better career choice because this is what I love do

Where most dancers have resorted to stripping,  Ashely is determined to change the narrative

“I don’t have to for anyone because I am very good dancer and I will work hard to prove it that female Dancers are not to be viewed as sex objects but as professionals who have families to feed and deserve better payments no the other way round” said Ashley

Team Expandables Dance Troup is currently working with more than 30 young people from the age of 5 to 21, Clive Hunidzarira the group founding member and Dance Choreographer

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“We encourage other female dancers to come and be part of the group as you all know dance has become part of society  and its livelihood”,

“We have become a huge Dance hub where we accommodate youths from various social backgrounds and most of them.have become bread winners besides their ages, they now have a livelihood through dancing”  added Clive Hunidzarira

Team Expandables has won several accolades which includes the best Dance group at the Zimdancehall awards, and are expected to be touring Europe next year.

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