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Cottco Employs A Raft Of Measures To Ring Fence Established Crop

The Cotton company of Zimbabwe (COTTCO) has contracted 182,000 farmers who have established the crop on 128,000 hectares in all cotton growing areas.

Working in collaboration with the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and AGRITEX, robust measures are currently being implemented to enable farmers to easily access extension services and the 2nd tranche of inputs which include chemicals and top dressing.

Renowned and established farmers who established the crop on 2 hectares and above during the 2023 cotton farming season have been ring fenced and availed with adequate inputs and all the necessary support to ensure maximum production is realized.

Further, Cotton Inputs Distribution Points and Virtual depots have been established to expedite the movement of herbicides and insecticides.

The recently ended extensive donje mumunda drive which was carried out in the Lowveld, Mzarabani, Chireya in Gokwe North and Zhomba in Gokwe South to encourage the planting of cotton during the prevailing window was positively received by farmers leading to an increase in the current hectarage.

Since the beginning of the year, countrywide consultations have been held in collaboration with all parties involved in the distribution process and farmers’ unions to provide clarity on the issue.

Focus is also on preparations for the 2024 marketing season to ensure farmers are paid on time and side marketing is curbed.

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