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Court Acquits Three Businessmen Of Drug Dealing Charges


Three businessmen have been acquitted of the charge of dealing in dangerous drugs following their arrest last November on suspicion of engaging in a cocaine transaction.

Honest Shumba, Huggins Shumba, and Stanley Lawrence Eze vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that they were apprehended while discussing a vehicle spare parts deal at an apartment in Avondale.

The incident reportedly unfolded on November 21 last year when detectives from CID Drugs and Narcotics received a tip-off about a potential drugs deal taking place at number 3 David Morgen Road in Avondale.

Acting on the information, the detectives swiftly raided the apartment and conducted body searches on the trio, leading to the discovery of a sachet containing 105 grams of cocaine on the bed where they were seated.

Consequently, the three were taken into custody, and the trial commenced before regional magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka, with the defendants represented by Admire Rubaya, Malvern Mapako, and Gift Nyandoro.

Throughout the trial, the defendants consistently refuted the drug-dealing accusations, even going as far as claiming that their arrest was a result of a failed extortion attempt by the arresting officers, who allegedly sought to extract a sum of US$30,000 from them.

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