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Create Relationships With Your Producers, Musicians Urged

Military Touch Music (MTM) in house producer, Tamuka Makulini popularly known as DJ Tamuka has extended a piece of advice to local artists to develop good relationships with their producers in order to make banger tracks.

DJ Tamuka is a renowned producer behind hit songs for Ammara Brown, ExQ and Nutty O and Jah Prayzah’s Kutonga Kwaro album.

Speaking during a Music Business Series Workshop yesterday, Tamuka elaborated on the importance of chemistry between an artist and his/her producer.

“The chemistry between the artist and producer is important, I have to understand what you want to do as an artist and you also have to understand me and my capabilities and what I have done before because that’s what made you come to me,

“If we understand each other I have respect for a session, if you know what I expect of you and I know what you expect of me then we can make a hit song. Most of the hit songs I have made its personal relationships, I have a personal relationship with EX Q, if he’s got a problem, we can decide let talk about that problem, so people can relate,

“With my circle and MTM we have personal relations but if its someone from outside and I understand what you want to do I will give it my best. However, I can swallow people’s attitudes, if you act like you know more than me, I start thinking why you came to me,” explained Tamuka.

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He urged artists not to limit themselves when writing songs making reference to Jah Signal’s Stonyeni which he said means love though everyone thought has sexual connotations.

“Artists, we have the freedom to model our own world. Jah Signal came out on radio and said stonyeni means love you can’t object with that because he is the creator and if you put love in the song it makes sense,

“Another example is ndini ndamubata by Jah Prayzah, its 50 shades of grey zvayangova bata wabata, kugomera kukwira makata, mwenje kubaka baka, hombarume ndakakata, the metaphors were properly written over a period of time that your mother loves that song. We are poets and let’s take advantage of that, lets sing about sex but in a good way,” said Tamuka.

The Music Business Series was organised for the entertainment/media industry aimed at helping the arts industry in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.


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