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Drug Abuse Film On The Cards

Upcoming creative, Athur Miles has revealed that he is working on a film production called “Blind Vision” which seeks to address rampant drug abuse among youths in the country.

According to Miles, the one hour 30 minutes long film will explore appropriate alternatives to drugs that can address troubles tormenting the youths.

Speaking to 263Chat, Miles said, “I have always dreamt of telling Zimbabwean stories through films, Zimbabwean youth are talented but the absence of nurturing and empowering tools has seen many engaging in drug activity. Through the movie, I would like to teach the youth who are into drugs that no matter how hard Zimbabwe can be the change is in your hands.”

The movie, which is inspired by Miles’ (the writer and director) life experiences, follows the life of Kampala, a Kunyarara Kingdom resident who develops into a rogue child at the age of 14 and later decides to change his ways at 25. It is his transition from drug life that vividly portrays how drugs only add to one’s problems than relive.

“My wish is for the movie to be on international film platforms like Netflix, Box office,” the 24-year old says.

Meanwhile, according to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report titled Mental health among young people in the African Region, Zimbabwe has the highest number of 15 to 19-year-olds in Africa who engage in heavy “episodic drinking”, at 70.7 percent among males and 55.5 percent among females.

WHO defines episodic drinking as the consumption of at least 60 grammes or more of alcohol on at least one occasion in 30 days, which is six pints at a single sitting.

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