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Dynamos ‘Founder’ In Court

Dynamos Football Club chairperson Bernard Marriot Lusengo landed in the dock on Friday facing charges of fraud.

The court heard that Lusengo defrauded Dynamos Football Club, represented by Leslie Gwindi of $US1 200 000.

According to state papers sometime in 2005, there was a dispute between founding members and former players (Civil Case number 93/05) which went before the now Chief Justice Luke Malaba who ruled that each founder member or a former player was entitled to one percent share of the club.

The court heard that in 2008, elections were held which constitutionally elected George Shaya as the chairman and Enerst Kamba as the Secretary.

It is further alleged that a few days after the appointment of Shaya as the new Chairman, the accused in connivance with the late Richard Chiminya forcefully took over the club leadership.

Chiminya self appointed himself as the Chairperson and co-opted Lusengo into the Dynamos leadership.

It is the State case that after the death of Richard Chiminya in 2012, the accused person forged a meeting which purported to appoint him as the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.

Using the same status he had fraudulently bestowed upon himself, the accused person went on to acquire 51% shares and 7% shares each to 7 other people who are not founder members or former players, disregarding the Supreme Court Judgment which advised the club to revert to the 1963 Constitution of Dynamos Football Club.

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The total prejudice is approximately US$1 200 000.00.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje who remanded him out of custody on free bail.

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