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Tinashe Maphosa Comes To Mai Titi’s Rescue

Popular comedienne Felistas “Mai Titi” Murata’s ex-husband, Tinashe Maphosa has begged social media user to help the controversial socialite settle her debts.

Mai Titi was recently arraigned before the Harare Magistrates court facing fraud charges.

In the first case, Mai Titi allegedly approached Rachel Mhuka for a loan of US$10,000, using her Mercedes Benz as collateral. However, she later admitted that the car was not hers and instead offered an Audi. Mai Titi then returned the Audi to Mhuka, who discovered that the vehicle was owned by a car rental company called Else Events Car Hire. The state alleges that Mai Titi intended to defraud Mhuka and has yet to return the loan.

In the second case, Mai Titi is accused of stealing trust property involving the same car rental company. She had agreed to rent an Audi Q5 from Else Events Car Hire and pay a weekly fee of US$770. However, Mai Titi failed to make the payments, and when the rental company demanded that she return the car, she did not comply. The car was eventually recovered from Mhuka, who had received it as collateral from Mai Titi.


Her financial troubles have however caught the attention of her estranged husband, who took to social media to beg her fans to donate towards her cause.

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“Misunderstandings Do Happen; Life is not kind to all of us. While you might be lucky enough to live a comfortable life, You won’t be able to help everyone in need, but your gesture, no matter how small, will definitely make a difference. Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does. ECOCASH RTGS, ECOCASH FCA, INNBUCKS, MUKURU, WORLD REMIT, FULL NAME: FELISTAS MURATA MOBILE NUMBER :+263773633381,” Maphosa wrote on his Facebook page.

The couple’s three-month marriage ended in a bitter separation last year. While some speculate that Maphosa’s donations may be motivated by a desire to taunt his ex-wife, others believe that he genuinely wants to help her in her time of need.

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