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Human Rights Defenders Mourn Patson Dzamara

Friends to the late Human rights defender Patson Dzamara both in and out of Zimbabwe have expressed grief over his sad passing on saying their struggle for democracy and human rights has been dealt a heavy blow.

Speaking to 263Chat, human rights defenders hailed Dzamara for his bravery in confronting a regime accused of abducting his brother Itai whose whereabouts to this day is still unknown.

“Patson Dzamara was a selfless cadre of the struggle. Having lost a brother Itai through abduction, the easiest thing was for Dr PD to do nothing but he chose to do something. Not only for Itai and his family but for us all Zimbabweans. In all main demonstrations he was always at the forefront demanding a just, free and equatable Zimbabwe.

“I am one of those who was and is still inspired by the courageous role played by Cde Patson in this struggle. “Independent but not free”, who can forget that placard in the NSS, indeed we are not free. We at Zimbabwe Yadzoka/Mayibuye iZimbabwe we will continue this fight for our freedoms not only for our sake but for Patson, for Itai, for their children,” said Victor Chumhutu, a Norway based activist who is also the founder of the Zimbabwe Yadzoka movement.

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Chimhutu added, “A family has lost 2 sons to our struggle, the struggle for better Zimbabwe. Heroes dont die, they inspire & live forever watching us fulfilling our obligation as a generation- to free ourselves.Indeed Dr Patson, indeed Itai, your lives matters. You cannot die in vain, we promise. You lived a purposeful life, rest easy, rest in power. Keep watching our us in this final phase of our struggle.”

Another human rights defender, Treasure Basopo also said, “He was erudite, brave and visionary cadre who ignited the spirit of resistance after the abduction of his brother Itai Dzamara .He naturally had a spirit of disrupting and dismantling oppressive architecture without him necessarily being in offices of leadership. The future has been robbed of stabilizer, its huge loss for the MDCA youth assembly and the people of Zimbabwe in general, we shall keep pushing for what he believed in.The struggle continues.”

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