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Edgars Launches 13th Fashion Extravaganza Campaign In Style


Edgars, the leading fashion and merchandise store in Zimbabwe on Saturday launched its 13th Fashion Extravaganza campaign set to run from 9th October to the 11th November 2023.

Speaking at the campaign launch, Edgars Managing Director, Peter Mnyama, emphasized the company’s extensive efforts to fortify its brand identity as a premier provider of exclusive, stylish, and high-quality merchandise.

“Today we launch our 13th Edition of Edgars Fashion Extravaganza campaign (FE- for Short) that will run from 9 October to 11 November. Summer is a season to celebrate new beginnings, we begin to enjoy the great outdoors, Summer is when we welcome new styles, fresh fabrics, bright and vibrant colours and edgy looks into our wardrobes,” said Mnyama.

He added that Edgar Store will use this campaign to continue to drive the trajectory of market leadership in the fashion / lifestyle space.

Mnyama further revealed their intent to elevate customer engagement via digital activations where they will offer numerous prizes and giveaways.

In line with their Corporate Social Responsibility, Edgars collaborated with six designers, affording them the opportunity to showcase and vend their designer apparel in select stores throughout the Fashion Extravaganza campaign.

In his keynote address, Director of Industrial Development in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Dayford Nhema, highlighted ongoing governmental efforts to revise the Zimbabwe Cotton to Clothing Strategy inorder to curb the influx of second-hand clothing in the country.

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“The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is currently working on the review of the Zimbabwe Cotton to Clothing Strategy (2014-2019). This strategy will be successor to the Cotton to Clothing Strategy (2014-2019) and is aligned to the Vision 2030, the National Development Strategy 1, the draft Zimbabwe National Industrial Development Policy (ZNIDP 2024-2030) and the Local Content Strategy,” said Nhema.

“The aim of the draft Zimbabwe Cotton to Clothing Strategy is to address the constraints that continue to hinder the development of the value chain while re-aligning its objectives with the realities that presently exist on the ground,” added Nhema.

This year’s Edgars Fashion Extravaganza campaign centers around the theme of “Exclusivity, Fashionability, and Quality.” With a rich history spanning almost eight decades, Edgars currently boasts an impressive network of 25 stores nationwide.

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