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Enzo Ishall Can Afford A Car: Levels Tells Java

Chillspot Records co-founder DJ Levelz has backed  Enzo Ishall following a recent mockery of the Zimdancehall chanter by the controversial cleric, Passion Java over a flopped deal with music promoter, Teemak.

After Java acquired a Mercedes Benz for his new hypeman, Uncle Epatan, social media users have been trolling Enzo Ishall for what they deem a regrettable move in which the “Kanjiva” singer dropped the cleric for a fruitless deal with Teemak.

Responding to one fan who wrote, “Haa tengerawo Enzo Ishall vakamhanya makarimwa (Can you also buy one for Enzo Ishall despite the bad decision he made),” Java took a dig at Enzo reminding him of a grand Asia tour promised to him by Teemak that never materialised.

“No pane Asian tour ichamupa zibag so don’t worry, me and Enzo we good for life muzukuru wangu (no I can’t do that for him because he is set to pocket huge figures from some Asian tour),” Java wrote.

But, DJ Levels was quick to jump into Enzo Ishall’s corner highlighting that the singer now has some notable financial muscle and is capable of buying cars for himself.

“Apisa mupfanha uyu anochaya ega (he is a big boy now he can afford to buy himself one),” he said.

Meanwhile, in a subtle clap-back at Java and Uncle Epatan, Enzo Ishall yesterday shared a video captioned, “Murume idya cheziya,” which when loosely translated says-a man should eat from his sweat or hard work.

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