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EPL Weekly

So watching the games is great, but watching them with twitter is pretty amazing. It’s like having a bunch of fans in your living room with you. Was pretty good weekend. UTD lost, City did themselves in, Arsenal leave it till the last kick, and Liverpool and Chelsea go berserk!!!

UTD lost to Sunderland. Yes that Sunderland who have seemingly been doomed to relegation this season (Great Escape on for Sunderland??). Can’t say I was really motivated to follow this game. I felt as crappy as UTD have been, they still would have enough to roll over the sorry Black Cats. Haaa well, Sunderland came to play, and UTD didn’t. DeGea as usual was doing his thing, he has got to be thinking “I need to go to Madrid in the summer”. Without CL football next season, It may be hard to keep him. LVG says Europa is their best chance, SMH, You will not win Europa LVG. I expect the trigger to be pulled soon, and Mou to come in.

Arsenal v Leicester. Anyone who did not enjoy this game is not a football fan. Easily one of the more exciting games of the season. Leicester set out to be physical with Arsenal, like most teams do. To their credit the Gunners didn’t wilt like they normally do. The penalty Vardy contrived to win was, well, questionable. Still the Gunners missed some GLORIOUS chances in the 2nd half. I mean with Leicester down to 10, they really should have had 4 or 5. Dat guy Welbz though came on with 8 minutes to go to save the day. He now has in 10 minutes more goals than Eden Hazard the whole of this season LMAO!! Arsenal needed this win more than Leicester, and the proved they have a bit of mettle about them to maybe, just maybe take this title!!!

City v Spurs. Pochettino is the man. This guy knows what he is doing. The stingiest defence, and a ruthless offence. City never dominated. Sure they scored, but Spurs always looked the better team. City can’t seem to put together a great defensive and offensive performance in one game. Are they out of the title race….probably not, but i think are vulnerable and they still have to play Arsenal and UTD.

Liverpool ran riot against “we don’t give a shit Aston Villa”. Sturridge marking his return with some goals. When he is fit, this guy delivers. Problem is he walks onto the field and picks up and injury. Still Liverpool are really just gunning for Europa qualification.

Chelsea also ran riot, but at the end of the day, WHO CARES. They won’t win the title, and Europa maybe out of reach. I suppose they are playing to save their jobs, or for moves away from the club.

Power rankings:

1. Leicester – They lost, they still top though. They will be back!!!
2. Sp*rs – By default I hate them, but they are straight up cruising right now
3. Arsenal – Back in the mix with late winner. Can they keep it up??
4. City – Only coz everyone is so far back. City need pull up their socks

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