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EPL Weekly Matchday 12 (I think)

Does anyone else think the international break totally stinks. So unnecessary. Now we have to wait another 2 weeks for the league to resume. SMH.

Well it was really an ‘as you were’ type of weekend. The top 2 remained the top 2 with draws, UTD remained 4th with a win, and Chelsea and Liverpool lost again. Like I said an ‘as you were’ type weekend!!

A mate of mine Wilbert Sibanda, a Chelsea supporter has been going on about how Mou will turn around, and that the players are backing him. I’m sorry but i think Mou is done. Something is so obviously wrong in that dressing room. Players like Cesc, Hazard and Costa don’t just become sh*t overnight. They don’t like Mou and are deliberatly sabotaging games. Couple that with the fact that every team in the league right now is having a go at the defending Champs, and you have recipe for disaster. Like I said last week, Ancelotti is waiting for your call Roman!!

UTD – Who is Lindegaard. UTD seem to have found another youngster to help Martial and old man Rooney. To be honest I didn’t rate him, but with game time comes consistency, and LVG obviously sees something. UTD for me are still a really boring team to watch, predictable and slow. They will and are expected to beat the little teams, but I think they will struggle against the big boys. Smalling has been a revelation though. If his partner Jones can stay fit, that is a great foundation for UTD.

City were held goalless by Villa. Wow the difference a new manager makes. I would’ve have had City winning by 6 if Tim “Werzel Gummage” Sherwood had still been there. Anyway since the Gunners could only muster a draw too, City are ok.

After being turned over for 5 by Bayern (No vaseline), You expected Arsenal to kinda start slow. And they duly obliged. Harry Kane again coming to haunt the Gunners. Spurs played the better football all game. But this season the Gunners seem to have added a bit of steel and heart, and that man Ozil assisted once again. 1-1 may seem like a bad result but it was neccessary to go into the break still top of the table. With Ramsey, Ox and Theo to return after the break, Arsenal look good for a decent run in December.

Liverpool, can’t say they played badly. Coutinho needs support, and Benteke needs to start burying the MANY MANY chances he had. Klopp is on to something, but the sh*t team Brando assembled is hampering him. Make no mistake, Rodgers transfer policy will haunt Liverpool for at least another 2 seasons. Its between Liverpool and Spurs for me to get that 4th spot.

Leceister won AGAIN!! These guys just won’t quit. I keep thinking they will go away. December will be telling. It’s the time a lot of pretenders fall by the wayside. Vardy though scored for a 9th consecutive game. Who the Fˆˆˆ is he AGAIN?? Bet you know him now. I just need to make a place for him in my fantasy team. I should done that ages ago.

Anyway happy international break everyone.
Who am I kidding …. Fˆˆˆˆ the international break!!!

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