‘Everything In Zimbabwe Is In A State Of Emergency’

Political activist and founder of Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance (ZWIPA), Linda Masarira has reinforced leader of Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema’s remarks that President Robert Mugabe should be declared as a national disaster saying government services such as healthcare, food situation and education among others have all collapsed as a result of bad governance.

By Philemon Jambaya

Malema who made the remarks while addressing a press conference in South Africa recently, said Mugabe is the source of problems bedeviling Zimbabwe hence should be declared a national disaster.

“They just have to declare him a national disaster…for a doctor to holistically treat a patient, he should first identify the source of the problem otherwise he will waste time treating symptoms so in the case of Zimbabwe this man (Mugabe ) is the source of the problem,” said Malema.

Masarira believes everything in Zimbabwe should be declared a national disaster, including basics like the right to life, food, shelter education, Health care are in a sad and embarrassing situation.

“As citizens we have noted with disgust that all government provided services including basics like the right to life, food, shelter, education and health care are now in rudimentary state due to dismal failure of Robert Mugabe.

“He does not only need to be declared a state of emergency but has to be removed from office as a matter of emergency” said Masarira.

Journalist, Mlondolozi Ndlovu believes all roads in Zimbabwe should be declared as a state of emergency.

“It is good that the government declared our roads as the state of emergency but all roads here in Zimbabwe are not pleasing at all and those roads are a true reflection of our failed to state, our economy will not boost anytime soon because of our poor road network.” said Ndlovu.

President Mugabe turned 93 on Tuesday and a lavish birthday has been organised in Matopos, Matebeleland South. The 21st February movement celebrations will gobble US$9 million at a time when the majority of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty.

Recently Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane also added his voice to increasing calls for President Mugabe to step down.

Maimane who was speaking in Johannesburg on the sidelines of the DA’s commemoration of the sinking of the SS Mendi troopship 100 years ago, which left more than 600 black South African soldiers dead, called for President Robert Mugabe, who turned 93 on Tuesday, to be removed from power in the same way that Gambia’s dictator, Yahya Jammeh, was booted out last month.

“I wish that he would recognise that at his age he should not continue being the president of Zimbabwe.

“He must step aside so that we can enter into a post-liberation era He has ruled for too long and must step aside,” said Maimane.



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