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Foster Reading Culture In School Children, Parents Urged

School children must be encouraged to develop a reading culture at a tender age giving them a chance to open minds and be creative and innovative, Rotary club chairman, Walter Nyamurima has said.

Speaking at Glenview library on Tuesday, to commemorate the World Book and Copyright day, Nyamurima said a culture of reading begins at a tender age.

“The important message that I have for the children is twofold one we need to promote the reading culture because knowledge is power. Once you have knowledge nobody can take that away from you.

“What we are seeing here is the manifestation of the abiding passion that we have as Zimbabweans on matters pertaining to education,” Nyamurima said.

Nyamurima said Zimbabwe will need more knowledgeable people “so it’s important to catch these kids young and inculcate in them this reading culture and the importance of gathering knowledge..”

Project manager of Gleview Library Memory Mungana said they are making awareness to children that they must acknowledge whatever writing that is not theirs.

“What we want to do is we want to bring awareness to the children while we are saying they must develop a culture of reading they must also be aware that the material they are reading actually belong to somebody else it’s an idea that somebody put on paper.

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“We want them to read to have an opportunity to also open their own minds to their own ideas. They must always be aware that when they are writing or quoting anything from a book they must be able to acknowledge the author,” she said.

She also thanked Rotary club for the books it donated for the library.

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