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Govt Reads Riot Act On Public Gatherings During Lockdown

The government has warned against public gathering during the lockdown as it poses a health risk at a time when COVID-19 numbers are continuously rising.

To date, 15545 people have been arrested throughout the country for various offences related to violation of the lockdown regulations.

Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe Thursday said although there has been a notable response for people to stay at home during the lockdown, the uniformed forces will continue to arrest perpetrators.

My Ministry is, however, concerned with some members of the public who are disregarding the lockdown measures by continuing to gather around Central Business Districts, shopping centres and residential areas both during the day and night. We are equally disturbed by reports of people who are having parties at home, operating shebeens and some who are drinking beer in groups whilst closing themselves inside bars and bottle stores.

“This poses a serious risk to the individuals concerned and the generality of the public at large.  It militates against Government efforts to manage the pandemic and therefore there is a requirement that people desist from such tendencies,” Kazembe said.

Although the lockdown has been in effect for 31 days, there seems to be growing movement of people in and around various towns with people breaking the directive, largely due to economic reasons.

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The lockdown has had a huge negative impact on small businesses which thrive on daily transactions with even those in the informal sector feeling the pinch.

There was optimism that the government will lift the lockdown but a statement from President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday seemed to point that there will another extension.

“We had the first lockdown, which I extended by 14 days when you came, I was thinking about what happens after the lockdown ends,” Mnangagwa said

“We have been with this challenge, what do we do? Balancing the need for economic growth or saving the lives of the people? I came to the conclusion that if citizens die if our people die, we cannot resuscitate them,” said Mnangagwa.
“Now or in the future, it doesn’t matter as long as people are alive, we can always have conferences where we say let’s resuscitate the economy but I have never seen conferences where people are discussing how to resuscitate the dead, so our bias is towards the preservation of life,” added Mnangagwa.
Zimbabwe”s cases took a 25% rise yesterday after eight new cases were recorded bringing to the total to 40 cases of which five have recovered and four have died.


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