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Judgment Reserved In PAZ Challenge Against Use Of Spikes And Teargas

The High Court has reserved judgment on a matter in which the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and Passengers Association of Zimbabwe are challenging the use of tear-smoke and spikes on motorists by the police.

 High Court Judge, Justice Owen Tagu said that he will notify both parties when the judgment is ready for handing down, but the applicant’s lawyer, Darlington Marange said their hope is that the court decides early.

“We have filed our application and we are ready for the judgment but the court has reserved the judgment, we will be notified when the court is ready,” said Marange.

The Human Rights NGO Forum on behalf of the PAZ is seeking an order declaring the use of spikes, teargas and smashing of windscreens by members of the police force unlawful and an infringement on the right to personal security and the right to life.

According to the forum, three people have died, 10 injured and two commuter omnibuses burnt to shells due to the use of spikes and teargas by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) against motorists and commuter omnibuses.

The commissioner of the police, Godwin Matanga and the minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Kazembe Kazembe are cited as respondents in the application.

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