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Kasukuwere Calls For Change In Zim Political Culture

Former Zanu PF national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere who through his lawyers filed his nomination papers to contest in the August 23 harmonised elections as a presidential candidate has called for an end to politically motivated violence.

Speaking during a press conference in South Africa today while highlighting the tragic events of August 2018, in which innocent civilians lost their lives to the military, Kasukuwere called for accountability and justice.

“We have seen these waves of violence continue in each and every other process in terms of our elections where political differences rear that ugly head, violence also comes in we’ve got to put a stop to this. Let bygones be bygones and accept that we have got a responsibility as a leadership not to allow our country to go down the hole because of violence. Its impact on families, survivors its unimaginable. Those who were brought down in 2018, to this day we have not done anything to the families, 2019 nothing has been done to their families let alone a sorry as said by President Motlanthe,” Kasukuwere said.

Seeking to move beyond the past and build a better future, Kasukuwere called for genuine reconciliation among Zimbabweans emphasising the importance of unity and working together.

“To get Zimbabwe out of this dungeon, we have got to be genuine with each other. Let’s reconcile our differences, as there is more that we can benefit together as Zimbabweans if we work together. We can’t make hatred a currency; nobody develops because I hate Walter Mzembi. What can help us is the unity of purpose to move our country forward,” he said.

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Kasukuwere’s entry into the presidential race as an independent candidate has been received with mixed reactions amid reports he is working with G40 remnants who are still in the ruling Zanu PF party.

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