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Komichi Pleads For Dialogue Among Opposition Parties

Opposition MDC-T national chairperson, Morgen Komichi has pleaded for dialogue among opposition political parties saying resolving differences was key to deal with the economic downturn.

Speaking during an interview with a local private media, Komichi said the prevailing economic situation is now ripe for dialogue which is centred on economic solution rather than power.

“The economic crisis in this country is now ripe for a dialogue. The Government is underpaying because of the economic crisis. The people of Zimbabwe are underpaid because of the economic crisis, we are mutually hurt by that.

“When a crisis mutually hurts the people, the Government and the governed need time to dialogue. We are going to be dialoging not for power. The power issue is going to be dealt with in 2023 elections,” said Komichi.

He said the dialogue among the political parties is aimed at resolving the current economic downturn that has seen salaries eroded by inflation.

“Our angle of dialogue is mainly aimed at resolving the economic crisis, I don’t need to explain this the cost of living is beyond the reach of many, hospitals have no medicines, roads have been declared a national disaster at the moment and service delivery in councils is unbearable,” he said.

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Komichi said the ruling Zanu PF is part of the problem and the solution to the current economic challenges.

“Zanu PF is a part of the problem and is a part of the solution we need to engage them and the opposition parties are part of the solution and we cannot get a solution in Zimbabwe if we are not engaged.

“I want Zimbabweans in the opposition to unite, identify who their opponent is and their opponent is Zanu PF and not other political parties. We might have political differences but we must not be enemies. We must have the interests of the people forward,” said Komichi.

He made a plea to fellow warring opposition politicians to set their differences aside and focus on serving the interests of Zimbabwean first.

“Let me have a personal call to Douglas Mwonzora, Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube and many other political parties to put the interest of the people first. Do not dwell on your differences and past, we have a country to take care of.”

Komichi claims he is the person who can bring the opposing politicians under one roof and continues to pursue the cause.

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