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Side Netting — EPL Matchday 25

25 games done, crazy we are past halfway. Liverpool lost their 4th in a row at home, Sp*rs and Mou continue to shit the bed, City beat Arsenal as usual and back to normal for Chelsea as the draw.

Chelsea: I am going to go out on a limb and say the new manager bounce is done for the Blues. They drew to a struggling Southampton, a team that has been on the decline for a couple games now. They are a good side though, and like I said last week, let’s see what Chelsea can do against a decent team. What we found out is, they can’t do very much! All the possession in the world and failed to create clear cut chances. Abraham is NOT a number 1 striker if you have top 4 aspirations, and Werner just runs. No cutting edge at all. Where is Havertz? Tuchel put on Odoi as a sub then took him off after 30 minutes. Talk about humiliating a player. Quickest way to dressing room unrest if you ask me. Tuchel could coach himself out of job if he not careful. Chelsea dont play games when it comes to sacking managers.

Liverpool v Everton: Whatever deal with the devil Klopp had at Anfield has definitely expired. 4 losses in a row. The Liverpool faithful will say it’s the lack of fans, but the truth is just that Liverpool have been SHIT. We have given them a pass for too long. They will say injuries, but the shitted on City last year when they had injuries. Nope, no one feels sorry for y’all. With that 11 you should be beating Westham. Thiago, best central midfielder in the world they said, he has hands for feet they said, SMH!! Dude looking real average out there. The EPL will do that to you. Look at Timo and Havertz. Liverpool are in real danger of missing out on the top 4 and dropping back into the Europa. They fans like to forget but Europa league football was a staple for Liverpool until Klopp came around?. Can they turn this around? I have given up hope. These man are done outchea!!!

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City v Arsenal: City dominated from start to finish and never really got out of 1st gear. Arsenal were not brave at all. Looked like a true mid table side that was scared to play the big boys. Auba looked like absolute GARBAGE. I am Auba fan, but fact of the matter is, if he not giving you goals, he is giving you NOTHING else. Yesterday that showed. His hold play is trash and his first touch bounced off his shins like he had never seen a ball. City on the other had looked like they were at practice. Trying little triangles, back flicks and shit. Zinchenko out there look like Roberto Carlos, WTF!! City keep rolling, 18 wins in a row now and lets face it, they are going to be the Champions.

UTD aka “Player Fucking 2″: Luigi and em beat a rather hapless Newcastle. Newcastle suck but UTD do have a way of bottling things. I don’t know how McGuire keeps making mistakes, he is lucky his Rashford and company bailed him out. Rashie had one of those nights where he looks world class, but 1 game one very 5 being world class just doesn’t cut it. He needs to be more consistent if he wants to be at that level. At the minute, for me, he is another overrated England player ?‍♂️. Anywho, Rah Rah boys remain 2nd place.

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Sp*rs v Westham: Best team in London played Mou’s Sp*rs and went on to assert their dominance. Westham played like a “Big” team, looking to attack and cause Sp*rs problems. That Antonio dude, I don’t know how he does it. Strong, fast but shit technique but still gets goals. Dude is machine. Mou in desperation looked to Gareth Bale to bail him out. He flattered to deceive. Came in with couple nice moves and shots at goal but it was all comfortable for the Hammers. Shout out to David Moyes for rebuilding his career after what happened at UTD. He has Westham in the top 4 race proper!! Like Leicester, this dudes aint going away. For Sp*rs another couple losses and it might be time to consider parting ways with Mou. After this I genuinely think Mourinho will be coaching teams like Southampton, Brighton and Crystal Palace (Yikes)

Power Ranking

  1. City — Shout out to Sammy from pick up soccer group, you called this from the start!!
  2. UTD — Luigi
  3. Leicester — They keep winning
  4. WestHam — Big up David Moyes

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