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Land Developer Tears Into Businessman Sharpe

Land developer George Katsimberis has torn into self-exiled businessman Kenneth Sharpe labeling him a fraudster and a fugitive from justice.

The two are embroiled in a bitter land dispute that has spilled into the courts.

In a damning affidavit in which he is seeking to prohibit the transfer of deed to Erasmus and Sibusisiwe Chindove by Sharpe’s Pokugara Properties, Katsimberis said the exiled businessman is an impostor known for defrauding unsuspecting Zimbabweans.

“I make the point that Kenneth Raydon Sharpe is a fraudster. He has permanently consistently been defrauding the people of Zimbabwe either in the form of the Government of Zimbabwe, local authorities, the residents in particular Harare and business people like myself.

“In arriving at a conclusion in this matter, the Court must understand that it is dealing with a crook. The law is very clear. It will not help anyone who appears before it with dirty hands,” said Katsimberis.

He said Sharpe and Pokugara properties fraudulently acquired the land that is currently under dispute.

“The facts are that prior to 2013, Kenneth Raydon Sharpe through his company known as Augur Investments (Pvt) Ltd without going to tender, and without compliance with the country’s Procurement Act was awarded a tender to construct the Airport Road now known as the Robert Mugabe Airport by the City of Harare.

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“Augur Investments is a peregrine company which has no property nor registered or operating office within Zimbabwe and was accordingly required security costs before it can be granted audience before any court of law in Zimbabwe.

“The agreement between Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and the City of Harare was a fraud in its own right. Firstly as indicated above, the agreement was not subjected to tender.” he said.

Katsimberis said Sharpe and Augur Investments were awarded with several pieces of land in Harare for the construction of the road that is less than 10 kilometres.

“One can see that unconscionably and corruptly, Sharpe and his company Augur Investments was awarded thousands and thousands of acres of land, whose value runs into billion dollars for the construction of a stretch of road that is less than 10 kilometres in extend” Katsimberis said.

Katsimberis who is represented by Tendai Biti highlighted recommendations made by a special committee established by the City of Harare in March this year in which the committee said Augur Investments had breached its obligations on the Airport deal.




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