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Machakaire Weighs In On DJ Fantan, Levels Jail Sentence

Youths, Sports  Art and Recreation deputy Minister Tinoda Machakaire has weighed in on Chillspot managers DJ Fantan and Levels who were sentenced to six month in jail on Wednesday morning.

The two were jailed for breaching COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Machakaire said though they could not change the law, he wished a lighter sentence for the two.

“My prayers and thoughts go out to Fantan, Levels and the entire Chillspot family, these young people have been very influential in the music industry. They have helped identify various talents including Enzo Ishall, Uncle Epatan, Herman to name just a few. The work they do at Chillspot is going a long way in creating employment for the gettho youths alliviating poverty among the getho youths,” he said.

He said he was glad that the law took its course but his wish was to have the two recieve a lighter stroke.

“Given that they admitted to their crime, the influence they have will go a long way in creating awareness among the getho youths on the reality that is Covid-19. My wish would have been for them.to serve community service by giving back to the community in the form of awareness campaigns. Using the power of music to educate the public. I fear that if they are locked up for long it will undo the good they are doing for the getho youths. However justice has been served and we cannot dispute it, let this serve as a caution for future law breakers,” he said.

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Machakaire is among people who have pleaded for mercy.

The deputy minister said he was praying that the defence counsel for the trio will be successful in their apeal against the judgement.

The youthful deputy Minister has been very instrumental and vocal in the development of arts in the country.

His statement has been hailed by promoters, musicians and arts stakeholders saying it gives them hope.

Promoter Wanisai Mutandwa populary known as Mahwindo said having an official pleading on behalf of the two artistes was encouraging.

“His suggestions are wise he is not saying change the law or saying the two did well by breaking covid lockdown regulations he is simply asking for mercy considering how Chillspot has changed lives in Mbare. Hail Minister Machakaire for that statement,” said Mahwindo.

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