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MDC Pledges to Support Govt Efforts In Fighting Coronavirus

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has appealed for unity of purpose in the fight against Covid-19 saying he is ready to play a role so that the nation can overcome the global pandemic that is causing havoc across the world.

Addressing a news conference on social media on Wednesday, Chamisa said the the coronavirus crisis does not require political differences but people coming together as a team to find a way out of the crisis.

“We are ready to assist gvt to deal with this pandemic. It’s not time for partisanship during the corona pandemic, this needs a team work approach,” he said.

“We are hearing rumors of food not being distributed equally because of political differences, this is not the time for that. We need to approach this pandemic as a team,” said Chamisa.

He however urged government to be transparent on every information linked to the virus saying that people must be informed so that they know how safely go about their business.

“There is need for clear massage on what must be done to the affected citizens and also those who have been infected,” added Chamisa.

He also said there should be provision for people and risk allowance plus exemption from paying tax for those in the frontline of fighting coronavirus.

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Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa has said that the government has not yet decided whether it will extend the 21 day national lockdown which is set to end on Sunday next week.

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