MDC Presidium: It’s Loyalty Versus Substance

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s 5th  elective congress slated for this May will have its presidium stalemate decided between substance and loyalty, one of the candidates has said.

The two prodigal sons, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube, who seem to be leading the way to deputize party president Nelson Chamisa will throw substance on the table while other two candidates, Morgen Komichi and Elias Mudzuri bring loyalty.

Last week a high ranked opposition official told 263Chat the duo’s fate to retain posts in the labour backed movement was hanging in the balance as Chamisa preferred substance than loyalty.

Regardless of receiving more nominations than Biti and Professor Ncube, Komichi’s vice presidential credentials have been a talk in the streets, however, Chamisa is reported to be backing the party’s Abraham to be in the standing committee not in the presidium.

Presenting their manifestos during a party caucus meeting yesterday at party headquarters, the four,  who are vying for the second highest job in the party, shared their ideas on how to take the party forward.

Mudzuri and Komichi presented their campaign narratives hinged on serving the party without betrayal but pointers are that they were outclassed by the prodigal sons Biti and Ncube who shared a common vision of effecting new trajectory for the party.

“The 2019  5th congress for the MDC is going to be a very important congress for us. It’s an opportunity to  start new dialogue with the people of Zimbabwe. It’s an opportunity for the people of the MDC to show Zimbabweans that we are tired of being an opposition political party.

“The party must shift focus to the rural area. For us to gain power we need to go into the village in Humanikwa, Chiendambuya, Dotito.. so we need to change our strategy,” Biti said.

Professor Ncube on the other hand projected himself as a think tank and a strategist who stands ready to offer Chamisa the much needed direction the party would embark on.

“I will do all I can. All in my power to render that assistance to president Chamisa.  One of my major tasks that has not been talked about would be to provide strategic direction,” Professor Ncube said.

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